Quickly analyze your image files for spelling and grammatical errors.

imgProof uses AI to quickly find and suggest corrections for spelling and grammatical errors in your image files. Perfect for agencies and individuals looking to find last-minute typos in image graphics, fliers, scanned documents, or any types of images containing text.

imgProof Preview

Digitize your image proofreading process

Keep track of each mistake with simple to parse sticky notes detailing each mistake and rational behind the correction. With our easy to use interface, you can streamline your image proofreading process.

Supports multiple image formats

You can upload your image files, including those in JPEG, PNG, or WEBP formats that contain text. With the click of a button you'll quickly receive targeted suggestions to improve spelling and rectify grammatical errors.

Supports multiple languages

imgProof supports images containing text in multiple languages. Simply upload your image and the language the text is written in is automatically identified, and proofread.

Advanced character recognition

imgProof uses Optical Character Recognition to accurately identify individual letters, words, and paragraphs in images. Even when text has unique styles and visual effects.